Scoot Over Rover

Scooters are becoming more and more popular as our cities congest. Aside from exposure to the elements, it has all the elements of convenience and practicality that a city commuter may need. Especially if you live in a place where parking is scarce and/or at a fee.

I’ve been researching what is available out there and it seems silly paying almost as much as a motorcycle for one from a company that I know of(not being a scooter head) like Honda, Aprilia, Vespa and a handful of other motorcycle brands that have cross over into the scooter scene.

Now I came across a bunch of ads for a brand called Amigo. I did a little research on it looking for reviews and found out that an American company is rebranding and selling Chinese made scooters. If what they do is true and the quality is set to higher standards than the average product imported from China, why not? At an entry level of $1K – $2K I about to go out and get one today(except they’re closed).

This is initial finding(not even plural), but I was so excited that there is a mid-tier solution for scooters that I had to document it and share. More to come on the research.