News/Media – Fact or Fiction

It appears I am not the only one starting to distrust all media. I don’t care if it’s a news or media outlet that is deemed to lean towards the left, right or unbiased. I see less and less unopinionated reports. Do I really need to read an article about something from several different sources then cross-reference, analyze and then take a best guess at was is truth? This article talks about some of the issues and the importance of strengthening and preserving the credibility of news outlets especially in these times where authority figures and general media can blatantly lie about any subject without regard for the adverse effects it may have.

Found this while researching some thoughts around this topic.

An interesting story that talks about Russian influence that likely has sped up and increased the divide in America today. Imagine all the unknown incidents as well as techniques used by bad acting states or individuals. Seems it would be good money spent for a team of investigators that would publish these findings not only to protect ourselves but to protect the integrity of one of our most important establishments – the press.