GIF – Pronunciation War Settled

For as long as I can remember there has always been uncertainty and scattered conversations about how the file format extenstion GIF is pronounced. I WIN!!! According to the articles below the creator of the file format intended it to be pronounced it JIF with a soft “G”. Woot! Woot!

Managing SSL Certs

If you want to install a certificate on your web server or any other type of server you must first obtain one. STEPS: Determine where you need to install the cert. It is generally the load balancer, proxy or server that a URL points to and that URL is used as the Common Name. You […]

Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is “A nonprofit Certificate Authority providing TLS Certificates…” for FREE! Use ACME for automated cert management. Free certificate signing Setup Instructions

Using Postfix

It is easy to forget how to test Postfix from the command line as it is usually a dependency of another program that leverages it in the background and the command line is not used for any practical purposes in our day to day activities. Sometimes it’s necessary to test from the command line for […]

Kung Fu Watch List

Please make suggestions to add to the list. The Buddhist Fist Ip Man 1-4 Kung Fu Hustle Ong Bak (maybe move to Awesome Fight Choreography section) Once Upon a Time in China 1-2 Kung Fu Killer The Legend Drunken Master The Forbidden Kingdom Crippled Masters Enter the Dragon Fist of Fury The Way of the […]

Let’s Play Minecraft

If you want to join in on some Minecraft fun, we have a Bedrock server AND a Java Edition server so no matter what version you’re on you can join in on the fun. Bedrock: (port may not be needed) Java Edition: We may start restricting who can join so if you’re not […]