Most recent revisit to the past… One line ASCII art. Here’s a few examples and a link to the source where you can find more.










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Kung Fu List

For everyone’s watch list…

  • The Buddhist Fist
  • Ip Man 1-4
  • Kung Fu Hustle
  • Ong Bak (maybe move to Awesome Fight Choreography section)
  • Once Upon a Time in China 1-2
  • Kung Fu Killer
  • The Legend
  • Drunken Master
  • The Forbidden Kingdom
  • Crippled Masters
  • Enter the Dragon
  • Fist of Fury
  • The Way of the Dragon
  • Hero
  • Iron Monkey

Will it float?

The plethora of DIY videos and web sites on the internet make it easy possible to figure out how to do just about anything. To put this and possibly my swimming skills to the test, I’m going to attempt to build a small 2-3 person wooden boat.

Taking inspiration from the sites and video below, a build is in process with no real plans. Just an idea and common sense. Foolish but possible. Pics coming soon…





Set up a Minecraft network on Shockbyte!

Setting up a Minecraft server can be done in many different ways. Some are simple and some advanced. I’ve experienced most variations, everything from setting up a home server to using a hosted service.

That said, I’ve decided to go with a hosted solution since it is very affordable and much easier to set up and maintain. It practically sets itself up. It won’t setup the network for you(not without paying extra), but at least the creation of each server will be straight forward and easily repeatable as you want to add more worlds/mini-games.

What is the difference between a Minecraft network and a single server?

In a single server a player would enter into the world or mini-game directly. In a network setup a player enters a world through a proxy(unbeknownst to the player) where he/she can then choose whichever server to warp. Advanced network setups will default users to a server that is setup solely to act as a lobby where players can then choose to join other servers via interaction with portals in the lobby. A player will only need to know of the IP to the proxy and when they join they are sent to the default world(lobby in advanced setup).

In my setup i will do it a little differently where there will not be a lobby but all players will be given an item(special compass) that will allow them to traverse between the different worlds and mini-games. The default starting point will be a world instance that has spawn protection and is set to survival mode.

What we will setup and configure:

1 Minecraft BungeeCord Server (the proxy server)

2 Minecraft Spigot Servers (the game servers)


Go to https://shockbyte.com/ and purchase 3 instances(min size for now is ok)

Once purchased, for sake of easy navigation let’s assume you’re back at the home page. Click on “Client Area” button at the top right. Find the login button and log in.

Then Navigate to Manage -> Multicraft ( I know, it’s not the most intuitive navigation )

You will now see 3 servers listed and likely all with the same default name advertising Shockbyte. Click on one of these to start configuring it as the proxy server.

Name it whatever you’d like (something indicating it is your proxy might help for now) and for “Server Type” select “AUTO UPDATING BungeeCord Latest” and click save at the bottom.

Go back to the server list by clicking on “Servers” in the top navigation bar.

Click on a new server, name it, and for “Server Type” select “AUTO UPDATING: Spigot Latest” and click save. Also click start at the top. Note the IP address including the port number (e.g. 123.456.789:25546). Navigate to server edit page -> Files -> Config Files and the main pane will list a bunch of config files. Select Server Settings (server.properties) and disable “Online Mode”, this will disable direct access and players must go through the proxy server we set up first.

Repeat this for as many other game servers you’d like to add. In our case we will be one more time on the third and final server we have left to end up with 1 proxy server and 2 game servers. You can later turn one of the game servers into a lobby for a more advanced setup.

Once that is done navigate back to the server listing and click on the original one created as the proxy server to go back into the edit page for it. In the left sidebar expand the “Files” menu. Click on the config files option. A list of config files will show in the main pane. Select “BungeeCord Config” (the filename next to it should be config.yml). The part that needs to be edited is likely at the bottom and will look like this:

    motd: '&1Welcome to the Sandlot'
    address: 123.456.789:25611
    restricted: false

Let’s assume for this example that the IPs assigned by Shockwave were as follows.

Proxy Server: BungeeCord server(1st server setup) = 123.456.789:25600

Game Server 1: Spigot server(2nd server setup) = 123.000.456:25600

Game Server 2: Spigot server(3rd server setup) = 123.456.000:25600

Change the setting to look like this:

    motd: '&1Welcome to the default world'
    address: 123.000.456:25600
    restricted: false
    motd: '&1Welcome to the other world'
    address: 123.456.000:25600
    restricted: false

Click save and restart all the server.

You should now be able to add the “Proxy Server” IP and port (e.g. 123.456.789:25600) server to your Minecraft game and it will send you to the default game server which is actually “Game Server 1”.

Fact or Fiction

Reason for starting this section stems from an article questioning the credibility of many news outlets and media. https://www.forbes.com/sites/berlinschoolofcreativeleadership/2017/02/01/10-journalism-brands-where-you-will-find-real-facts-rather-than-alternative-facts/#24a871c3e9b5

Found this while researching some thoughts around this topic.


An interesting story that talks about Russian influence that likely has sped up and increased the divide in America today. Imagine all the unknown incidents as well as techniques used by bad acting states or individuals. Seems it would be good money spent for a team of investigators that would publish these findings not only to protect ourselves but to protect the integrity of one of our most important establishments – the press.